No Soul is Safe



I’ve seen a lot of fan art and this is one of the best sets I’ve seen :O 

DAMN GOOD go check out


fem!ren tho

quickly stumbles into room with shirt already half ripped off

fem!ren inFUCKINGDEeD o ye A MR KRABs

jesus fuck YOU KNOW i was rly conflicted about fem!rhyme!ren cause on one hand i was like SHORT SPIKEY HAIR YAAAAAAS but on the other hand was like LONG FLOWEY SPIKEY ((but impractical for fighting purposes tbh)) HAIR??? UuWA H?????? *O* BUT AFTER SEEIN SHORT HAIRED LADY REN IN UR STYLE„„ Y ES„ I CAN ACCEPT THIS„ 40 BIG THUMBS UP
F RICKIN HECK IM. IS IT HOT IN HE RE look how tiny that nuzzly lil aob is in comparison oh man im just gonn a [[wraps this image around my body and wears it at a dress for the next 23 years]]
Stares at this while crying and ascends to heaven……………………
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World record for Fastest “Make Riy Hate You”: 5 minutes

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Thanks for reading! Credit for the lovely poem goes to witchhoney!

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Pray for her Mercy… Long Live the Queen!

Wow I’m really happy I found a software I can use that produces really good GIFs since I don’t have photoshop and Corel Painter sucks when it comes to making gifs OTL but yeah Queen Historia aka badass Queen of Mercy


Okay, so you know how people looking for a “fictional characters interacting in mundane settings” fix have these standbys like coffee shop AUs and high school AUs? I get the sentiment, but I’ve never really been interested in either of those. Just a personal preference; if…

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My new goal in life is to be as happy as this cat.


sanageyama and ira being roommates and sanageyama constantly harassing ira by always featuring him in his snapchats





I didn’t want to spam you so I compiled my “10 things to do in Japan” illustrations for Japan Lover Me (website | facebook) in one post! (*≧▽≦)

The lists were researched and listed by Kaila, Kaye, Ashley, and Carly! ♥

*I’ll edit this post when we add more lists! :3

*We’re also going to release a JapanLovin’ Traveller’s e-book soon! :3

[ Sticky: Again, sorry for the lack of posts lately. ;3; April turned out to be the busiest month for me this year.. yet. @A@ (Commissions are still closed, by the way! (except those who reserved long ago) I’ll update you guys soon~ ;-;) ]

Hiromi Nase >> Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 2

Noragami + Characters